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The brand name SETTER-PAPERSTIX stands for absolute superior quality in the production of paper sticks for lollipops, sweets, cotton swabs, medical applications and special applications.

Our guarantee for this success are the over 50 employees of SETTER Germany, who work around the clock to satisfy the wishes of their worldwide customers.

Founded in 1963, SETTER Germany is the only manufacturer of such paper sticks in Germany.

90 % of the products manufactured on a total area of 3.500m2 at the company´s headquarters in Emmerich are exported in countries all over the world.



It is the special characteristics, the individualised adaptability and the excellent price- performance ratio that make SETTER-PAPERSTIX so attractive to our customers. Convince yourself of the

product benefits of SETTER-PAPERSTIX.

Simply select an area in the sub- menu that particularly interests you- or just get in touch with us directly.

SETTER-PAPERSTIX are made of TCF (Total Chlorine Free) cellulose. Contrary to plastic sticks, our products are made of raw materials from a renewable source from controlled forest certification schemes (PEFC and FSC®), unlike the crude oil used as the raw material for PP sticks, which will only be available for a limited number of years.

SETTER-PAPERSTIX dissolve completely, which makes them biodegradable and therefore they pose no threat to the environment.

We at SETTER Germany take our responsibility for the environment and the future generations of our children very seriously and therefore use a few environmentally harmful materials as possible when manufacturing our sticks. We are a longstanding member of the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®). FSC-C113192 and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) PEFC-BV/CdC/8666434.

“We have not inherited this earth from our ancestors, but rather we have borrowed it from our children.”

(source unknown)


SETTER PAPERSTIX are made from natural raw materials and contain no chemical additives such as optical brighteners. They meet all food and health regulations worldwide, as we can prove with our health certificate.

In use in the food sector, SETTER-PAPERSTIX have no taste of their own, and should they ever be swallowed, they simply dissolve in the stomach


SETTER PAPERSTIX do not splinter and have no sharp ends. For use in the food sector, they offer maximum safety and protection from injuries to the mouth, as despite their high stability, they will bend if necessary.


SETTER-PAPERSTIX run excellently on all types of lollipop production machinery. They guarantee dimensional accuracy in length and diameter, which is essential for high processing rates and economical production.

SETTER-PAPERSTIX do not jump during production and are not subject to static cling. They enable a higher level of productivity as compared to PP- sticks.

SETTER-PAPERSTIX are reliable in terms of:

– Quality

– Dimensional accuracy

– runnability

– economy

– service

– price


SETTER-PAPERSTIX are made of specially selected and produced paper. They can be produced in line with our customers’ requirements in many standard dimensions and varying degrees of stiffness, and with high flexibility. SETTER-PAPERSTIX are made using the latest technologies on modern machines, which have been designed and built by ourselves, with a tolerance of only 1/100 mm in both length and diameter, and are suitable for further processing on production lines of all kinds.

As we always use raw paper of the same specifications and quality, we also ensure constant technical characteristics of our SETTER-PAPERSTIX in terms of stiffness grades, weights and dimensions within very narrow tolerances.

Compliance with all warranted technical specifications is monitored by an end-to-end quality system bothuring and after production.



All over the world SETTER-PAPERSTIX are in use in the areas of hard candy and hygiene as well as in special markets for the production of:

– lollipops

– cotton swabs

– special applications

SETTER-PAPERSTIX are available in various combinations of length and diameter as well as a number of possible colours. Of course, they can also be produced to the specific requirements of the customer, for example with a print in one or more colours.



SETTER-PAPERSTIX are used around the globe for the production of ball, flat, deposited, figure-shaped and fancy lollipops.

They run excellently on all types of standard production machinery and guarantee the best production and safety results.

SETTER-PAPERSTIX for lollipops are available in a range of lengths, diameters and colours. We can also provide our paper sticks with a custom- tailored print (up to three colours) – of particular interest are the readable barcodes.


SETTER-PAPERSTIX can be freely combined within the following dimensions in length and diameter

• Lengths: 55 – 360 mm

• Diameters: 2,5 – 5,7 mm

And if you have any questions, please get in touch with our Sales Manager.


SETTER Germany is the very first manufacturer to print readable EAN/UPC barcodes on paper sticks.

This innovation is today being used by many customers all over the world.

Whether a logo or decorative design – almost any pattern can be printed on SETTER-PAPERSTIX using up to three different colours.

We would be glad to advise you about the many implementation possibilities. Do you need more information or a personalised offer? Then please write us.

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Possible colours for lollipop sticks are:


pale pink, pale blue, pale green, lemon yellow, white, natural (unbleached)

Just ask for some colour samples and see for yourself. Our customer service staff will be happy to receive your inquiry.

Intended specifically for use of in lollies, SETTER has developed a special “water-resistant”, lick-proof PAPERSTIX variety that delays the disintegration of the lolly sticks even on intense contact with saliva. This prevents the unpleasant experience of finding small bits of paper in the mouth while eating a lolly. This product type naturally meets all worldwide food and health regulations.

Our customer support team will be pleased to help you in case of any further questions.



SETTER-PAPERSTIX are used throughout the world in the production of cotton buds.

They can be processed without problem on standard machines of all kinds – even at very high speeds – and guarantee best production and safety results.

SETTER-PAPERSTIX for cotton buds are available in different lengths and diameters, and also in a choice of colours. They can even be printed to customer specification in up to three colours.


SETTER-PAPERSTIX are produced in the following standard sizes.

  • Lengths: 70,0; 72,0; 72,5 mm
  • Diameters: 2,0 – 2,8 mm

And if you have any special requirements in terms of length and/or diameter, please get in touch with our Sales Manager.


Whether a logo or decorative design – almost any pattern can be printed on SETTER-PAPERSTIX using up to three different colours. We would be glad to advise you and help you make your products unique and unmistakable.

Do you need more information or a personalised offer? Then please write us.

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Possible colours for cotton swabs are:


pale pink, pale blue, pale green, lemon yellow, white, natural (unbleached)

Just ask for some colour samples and see for yourself. Our customer service staff will be happy to receive your inquiry.


SETTER-PAPERSTIX can also be used in numerous other applications, for example in:

– the food industry (e.g. snack skewers, cake pops, candyfloss, etc.)

– medical applications (e.g. swabs)

– advertising: small flags (pennants)

– and many others

SETTER-PAPERSTIX products are available in many different lengths, diameters and colours for use in different applications. Individually printed finishes can also be supplied (up to three colours). Please contact our customer support team for solutions for your particular application.


SETTER-PAPERSTIX are available within the following dimensions

• Lengths: 55 – 360 mm

• Diameter: 2,5 – 5,7 mm

Please contact our customer service for minimum order quantities and the use in special applications.

Whether a logo or a decorative design – almost any pattern can be printed on SETTER-PAPERSTIX using up to three different colours.

We would be glad to advise you and help you make your products unique and unmistakable.

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Possible colours for cotton swabs are:


pale pink, pale blue, pale green, lemon yellow, white, natural (unbleached)

Just ask for some colour samples and see for yourself. Our customer service staff will be happy to receive your inquiry.


For any special wishes or unanswered questions, we are at your disposal any time.

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